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If you really don't like mascara or your lashes or even just want something a little more, it might be time to look into Eyelash Extensions. So many of our clients cannot get mascara to work for them so they choose to have extensions. They can give you that mascara look every single day! 

Eyelash extensions are used to enhance the length, curl, fullness, and thickness of natural eyelashes. They are available in a variety of lengths, curls and styles to perfectly achieve the desired look you are after.

At SC Beauty your natural lash health is of the utmost importance. We will discuss with you the health of your natural lashes and give you the look you are after while maintaining your natural lash health. Eyelash extensions should not cause damage to the natural lashes and it is our goal to ensure this does not happen.



Classic eyelash extensions are where one synthetic lash is bonded to 1 single natural lash. They give the look of several coats of mascara and are perfect for the busy lady who wants to reduce her morning routine. 

Natural Set – Every second mature lash is extended. Approximately 60 extensions per eye. Perfect for someone who has never had extensions before and would like to give them a try!

Full Set -  All mature natural lashes will be extended to give a mascara & eyeliner effect. Approximately 80-100 extensions per eye. This is a little more glam but still not too much!


Volume eyelash extensions are where multiple synthetic lashes are bonded to 1 single natural lash. This is described in D's. So, 3D is 3 extensions per natural lash. 


Hybrid eyelash extensions are a 50/50 mix between Classic lashes and Volume lashes.




Refills are recommended every 2-3 weeks to maintain the fullness of your new lash extensions. This can vary depending on the individuals lash growth cycle and whether the aftercare advice is adhered to. After 4 weeks all remaining extensions will need to be removed and a new set will need to be put on.

If you have previously experienced any eye sensitivities to eye treatments, please book in for a FREE patch test to check for any allergies at least 24-48 hours before proceeding with a complete set of eyelash extensions.

Why should you book with us?

  • Accredited Eyelash Extension Certificate obtained

  • Eye & Lash Health Certified

  • The highest quality products used

  • Variety of curls and thickness available to tailor to your eye shape and desired look whilst maintaining the health of your lashes

  • Strict sanitary practices

  • FREE Aftercare Kits to all new sets

  • FREE consultations available if you would like to discuss what extensions can do for you!

If you are concerned about your extensions from another lash artist, book a FREE consultation and we are happy to take a look and give you advice.

SC Beauty Eyelash Extensions
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SC Beauty Eyelash Extensions
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SC Beauty Eyelash Extensions
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SC Beauty Eyelash Extensions
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SC Beauty Eyelash Extensions
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SC Beauty Eyelash Extensions
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SC Beauty Eyelash Extensions
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SC Beauty Eyelash Extensions
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AVOID getting the lashes wet for the first 24 hours.


  • Use mascara

  • Pick at the lashes or rub your eyes excessively

  • Use eyelash curlers


  • Oil based make up removers or cleansers

  • Oil based lotions or eye creams

  • Hot steam from the shower, sauna and kitchen


  • Clean your lashes daily with an Eyelash Extension approved cleanser. This prevents any dead skin build-up which can lead to infections.

  • Book REFILLS! You have approximately 90-120 lashes per eye. We shed roughly 21 lashes per eye, per week. After 2 weeks you will have lost 42 lashes, after 3 weeks you would have lost 63 lashes (approximately half!). This does vary depending on your natural lash cycle. 

  • Use a Q-tip to gently remove makeup around the lash line.

  • Try sleeping on your back so the side lashes aren’t crushed on your pillow.

  • Avoid excess swimming in the ocean.

  • Brush your lashes daily with the disposable mascara wand that has been provided to you.

  • Crying can cause the bond of the extensions to weaken.

  • Changes in medication or vitamins can also cause changes in your lashes - please advise us of any changes.

Individual results may vary and are dependent on the length/volume of your natural lashes and on the type of extension you choose to have applied.